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Personal training at your home, office, or anywhere in Kansas City. Meet with our Fitness Adviser who will listen to your goals, concerns, and vision of success. Then, receive a personalized 12-week success plan and decide how you want to invest in personal training.

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New You. New Life.

You want a transformation. Maybe that’s fitting into your favorite pair of jeans, having more energy and confidence, or gaining strength and mobility. Achieving that transformation couldn’t be more convenient because our personal trainers in Kansas City come to you – to your home, workplace, or club on your schedule.


We know what it feels like to hate failing at “big fights,” like fitness, and to shrink back from help. If you’re tired of trying over and over again to make a change on your own, then ourĀ personal trainers are here to help. Our trainers are fun and experienced; offering accountability so you can finally win the fitness battle and achieve the transformation you’ve been wanting.


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Your New Life Starts Now

You can reach your best self. Hear how personal training in Kansas City with Front Door Fitness gaveĀ Barb Kral-Hasty and others “new life.”