Welcome to the Team, Emily!

Maris Aylward, 200 eRYT | October 18, 2017

Front Door Fitness is excited to welcome a new trainer to our team! Emily, though she’s new to FDF, is well-seasoned in the fitness field. Emily earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Missouri State University and is currently obtaining her graduate degree in kinesiology from the University of Central Missouri. She is an ACE-certified…

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Go Outdoors and do Your Body Good

Courtney Keeshan, 200 eRYT | October 17, 2017

When it comes to your health and peace of mind, “Mother knows best.” In this case, Mother Nature is your best guide. There’s an ancient Japanese meditation technique called “forest bathing.” It may sound far out, but the concept is really simple. Basically, it’s the practice of spending time in nature with no end goal…

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5 Ways to be More Consistent with Your Diet

Zac Ansaldo, NASM, CF-L1 | October 10, 2017

I often tell people the good diet you will follow is better than the perfect diet that you don’t. Consistency is the key and being perfect for four days is great, but if the next three days you go completely off the rails you will only be spinning your wheels. Here are 5 ways to be more consistent…

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Are you Getting Enough Sleep?

Amber Rich, NASM, PN | October 3, 2017

Our family tradition of getting ready for bed hasn’t changed in over ten years. Yet, somehow every night for the past two weeks, my children look longingly at me as if it was their first time having their pajamas on at 7:30. I know it seems early, especially when the sun is still out and…

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3 Reasons to do Yoga at Work

Maris Aylward, 200 eRYT | September 26, 2017

In January 2017, TIME magazine published “Yoga Is Officially Sweeping the Workplace,” an article on the growing popularity of office yoga. The article mentions how employees benefit from mindfulness-based activities like yoga and meditation. I’ve been teaching yoga in corporate settings for a few years now and have seen firsthand how even a short, 45-minute…

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