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Ditching the Diet Mentality

Emily Morris | January 24, 2019

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has heard a few people discussing their diet, which went into effect with the new year. To be honest, the entire idea makes me chuckle inside. I can appreciate people’s efforts to improve their health and well-being, but we should all consider ditching the diet mentality.

Get rid of the diet outlook.

Around 2/3 of dieters regain more weight than they lose. Dieting is ineffective at best and counterproductive at worse. There is no endpoint when embarking on a diet. Whatever we do to lose weight, whether it’s counting calories, juicing our food, or avoiding a certain food groups, that behavior must be maintained, and most likely amplified, to keep weight off. Therefore, food restriction doesn’t work for most people long-term. Another option is intuitive eating, which focuses on driving long-term improvements with our relationship and food.

Make peace with food.

Understand no foods are off-limits or bad. When we tell ourselves we can’t have a particular food, it often backfires with feelings of deprivation and then binging episodes. Generally, if we don’t deny foods, we don’t overeat it, as the food is no longer forbidden.

Focus on satisfaction.

When we eat foods that satisfy us, it takes much less to feel like we had enough. It’s important to focus on the three S’s of satisfaction: slow, savor, and sensual. Enjoy what you’re eating and feel satisfied with less.

It’s important we try to connect with our feelings outside of food. Food has meaning beyond its nutritional value. Try other activities to foster self-care, such as walking, taking a bath, or connecting with friends. Our diet is the food that we need to live our life, period. Here’s to savoring the foods that we love the most!