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Accomplish Your Fitness Goals in 2019

Emily Morris | January 9, 2019

The start of a new year is an ideal time to set and accomplish goals. Not necessarily resolutions, but rather mindful intentions to help us feel more successful as we go through the year. However, we certainly want to make sure our efforts are worth our time and that we will be able to be successful in the end. Let’s consider how we can make this happen.


This simple acronym offers excellent tips when selecting our goals. S=Specific. Is our goal too vague? Can we narrow it down more? M=Measurable. We need to make sure there is a way to measure and track the progress of our goal. A=Attainable. Is this something that we truly can succeed at in the end? R=Relevant. Why are we making this one of our goals? What will be the positive outcome? T=Time-bound. How long are we giving ourselves to accomplish this goal? E=Evaluative. Can we evaluate our goal from a neutral perspective? R=Revisable. It is OK to adjust the goal as necessary and re-evaluate the above measurements.

Write it down

It is necessary that we see our goal in writing to help strengthen our intention and offer any clarification. Research also proves that people who don’t write down their goals tend to fail easier than the ones who have plans.

Break It Down

Breaking down our goals into small and manageable steps will help us overcome any sense of feeling overwhelmed. For example, if we want to lose weight we may include a plan such as how many days to go to the gym and how we will adjust our diet, such as drinking fizzy drinks only once per week.

Hold Yourself Accountable

It is important that we hold ourselves accountable by maintaining focus and discipline throughout our process. A personal trainer can help hold accountability for someone working on goals in the gym. A nutritionist can help with dietary needs. A good friend or family member is also excellent, but ultimately, only we know if we are truly working on our goals.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding ourselves will reinforce the positive actions we have taken so we can continue doing it. Of course, our reward will not sabotage our efforts in attaining our goals. If we have been trying to lose weight and are losing consistently accordingly to our plan, a massage could be an excellent reward. Taking a day to get out and walk in nature is another idea.

Develop Systems and Habits

Effective systems and habits make it easier for us to accomplish our goals on a regular basis. As we work through these above steps, we will find our strengths and weaknesses and can adjust our system to help our habits become a true lifestyle change.