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Keto Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

Courtney Keeshan | October 16, 2018

Many diets and weight loss plans evolve and popularize via magazines and online articles. There seem to be so many, we lose the methods that work the most efficiently and become distracted by the newest trend or best secret ingredient.

The “Keto” diet, or ketogenic diet, shares similar guidelines to other efficient weight loss plans. Studies have proven this diet to be one of the most effective diet regiments. Famous athletes and celebrities have credited the Keto diet to their success with healthy weight loss and quick results.

Different than other diets.

A ketogenic diet consists of a plan of low carbohydrates and high fat content. Carb intake is replaced with fats, thus putting the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. This process typically takes about 3-7 days for the body to reach. Ketosis is a normal physiological process. Our bodies burn carbs for energy. When you restrict the amount of carbs, the body will break down stored fat, creating molecules called ketones to use as fuel. Both the Atkins and Paleo diet are similar in this concept, but higher in protein and not as strict about certain foods and proportions. With this eating style, the body stays in ketosis all the time. Benefits include weight loss, suppressed appetite, and increased focus and energy.

What can you eat?

Meat, poultry, and seafood, especially fatty fish like salmon and scallops, are good high protein foods to include in this diet. This diet includes eggs, cheese, butter, and other full-fat dairy, in addition to nuts and seeds. Healthy fats like almonds, avocados, and most cooking oils are suggested as an addition to the keto plan.  Lower-carb vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, onions, and peppers are good foods to include in limited amounts with carb intake noted. Less grain and starch, and little to no sugar at all, is the key to this diet.

Nutritional meals in the Keto Diet.

Roasted vegetable & Chicken skewers

Prosciutto & goat cheese stuffed peppers

Crab stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese

The less carbs and grains, and more protein and healthy fats, the better! Try this plan as it may work best for you to reach your weight loss goals!