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Stay Motivated and Active This Holiday

Amber Rich | November 20, 2018

It’s the week leading up to the big turkey day meal. The lines at the store will be long, and the excitement of the holiday season is growing. As I prepare for Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for memories of past holidays. Growing up in my family of five sisters, joyful holidays were always centered around food. My grandmother was the best hostess, and her home was always filled with the aroma of warm, homemade cinnamon snicker doodle cookies. The holidays are filled with the temptation to indulge.  However you choose to celebrate, you can incorporate these helpful hacks to stay motivated and active.

Stay motivated when you gather around the table:

* Plate your protein FIRST

* Eat at least 2 veggies with each meal

* Drink water as much as possible

* Plan to eat ONE plate of food per meal

* Prepare your own healthy side dish or dessert to bring

* Stop eating before you’re full

* Plan to not eat between 8pm-8am

 Stay active during the holidays:

* Keep a pair of walking shoes in the trunk of your car or in your workout bag with gloves/hat so you get outside whenever possible. Take a 15 minute walk after every meal.

* Use fitness apps (like MyFitnessPal) to track your activity. Challenge others to join you, or share your activity status on social media.

* Invite someone to workout with you.

* Get athletic apparel, shoes, yoga sessions and personal training with Front Door Fitness, or devices during the holiday sales to keep you motivated through the winter months.

* Register for a 5k walk/run event to benefit a great cause, and do it with your family and friends!

* Create a FUN family time! No matter what your family enjoys, you can find an activity to do together. (examples: two-hand touch football, taking a walk, making homemade tree ornaments, playing card games or board games, playing piano, guitar, or singing holiday songs together)

Enjoy the happiness and peace in moments shared with your family and friends while making memories!

Happy Holidays!