Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching = Faster Results

This September Get Free Nutrition Coaching!

Get 1 month of FREE nutrition coaching when you purchase a personal training program. Offer includes a fitness and nutrition consultation + 3 nutrition coaching sessions. Offer ends September 30.

Say good-bye to dieting and get the results you want faster when you pair your personal training with nutrition coaching. You’ll be led by one of our Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach who will help you achieve your weight loss goals while your personal trainer will lead you through fat scorching workouts.

Work with one of our nutrition experts to determine what you want to work on during your 1-on-1 nutrition coaching sessions and your coach will lead the way to lasting change.

Here are some of our most popular nutrition coaching topics:

  1. Pantry Purge: Start with a clean slate. Learn how to read nutrition labels and shop for success.
  2. Recipe Remix: Take your favorite foods and make them healthier without forfeiting flavor.
  3. Food Prep Party: Prep, portion and package an entire weeks’ worth of healthy meals. 
  4. Conquer Your Cravings: Detox from cravings and reign them in without giving up simple pleasures.
  5. Emotional Eating: Overcome your triggers that hi-jack your nutritional success.

Finally, lose the weight and keep it off for good. Call (913) 384-8908 to learn more and to discuss our full list of nutrition coaching services.