No Pain. Better Golf Game.


Golf season is just weeks away! Wouldn’t it be great to hit the course in shape, drive the ball further, and have less pain both on and off the course? Improving your fitness in the right ways will help you feel better, play better, and enjoy the game of golf until much later in life. Our personal trainers will lead you through effective workouts so you’ll be more fit for golf, lower your scores, and have less pain!

“My golf game has improved including taking 2 strokes off my handicap!” – Current Client

“Every golfer I’ve worked with has seen an improvement in their game.” – TPI Specialist and Personal Trainer, Andy Garner

Buy 12 personal training sessions get 3 FREE sessions. Use your 3 free sessions on any of these golf-specific fitness options:

  • A golf fitness assessment through TPI, the premier golf fitness screen
  • Functional strength training for golf
  • Mobility and core training for golf
  • Yoga for golf

Contact Andrew at (913) 384-8908 to learn more about personal training with Front Door Fitness and our golf-specific sessions and TPI screens. Offer ends February 28. Can you say the same for your back pain?

  • Come to your home, office, or anywhere in KC on your schedule
  • Are world-class and nationally certified 
  • Provide accountability and guidance